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If you’re a fan of cuckolding sex stories do we have a treat for you – the new volume 1 of “Cheating Wife Cuckold Sex Stories” by Mistress Femme is now out and available for instant download from Amazon for Kindle and any other mobile reader, including your desktop PC. This collection of sizzling tales of cheating wives, cuckolded husbands, well hung black bulls and stinging sexual humiliation is a must for any fan of the cuckolding fetish genre.

Cheating Wife Cuckold Sex Stories By Mistress Femme
Cuckolding Short Stories

“What do wives do when they are lonely or neglected?” Asks author Mistress Femme, “they cheat, of course! And God help their husband if he has been at all abusive or hurtful towards them because many of these same ladies will turn into a cruel bitch from hell when they are crossed!”

And do they ever! In this sizzling collection of stories we are treated to wives who force their husbands to not only watch them have sex with other men, but sometimes submit to degrading anal sex or messy creampie eating at the hands of the other lover. And of course when a cheating wife brings home a large black man and forces her white husband to assist her in sexually satisfying him, the cuckolding experience is all the more humiliating and too many, deliciously sexually arousing. We invite all fans of cuckolding stories to check out Cheating Wife Cuckold Sex Stories Vol 1 by Mistress Femme and get ready to enjoy some hot stinging sexual situations.

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Forced Bi Cuckold Husband

I have found the most delightful way to humiliate and degrade my stupid cuck husband, and that’s by forcing him to suck a cock. But not just any cock, I search out the grossest men I can find to make him service so he can be the little sissy I know he truly is.

Sissy Husband Pimped Out

What kind of men? Well, usually my first stop is the local truck stop to see if I can find the biggest, fattest and sweatiest driver there. If that’s no good, I usually hit some of the rundown bars down near the bus station downtown which are full of local drunks and fat stupid losers. Of course I have my feminized husband along with me, dressed in the prettiest little skirt, nylons and stiletto high heels I can find so he can shake his sissy ass under their noses and see if he can get any takers for his oral service.

Want Me To Force YOU To Suck A Fat Slob’s Cock?
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Of course sometimes the guys are so gross that he begs me not to force him to suck their cocks, but that’s just part of the thrill and pleasure for me. If he starts one of his little tantrums while I’m negotiating his services, I don’t hesitate to take down his panties and rape his ass with a strap on from time to time. That’s usually enough to get him to submit and I soon am treated to the delightful spectacle of my husband on his knees, crying as he chokes down some huge fat slobs load or sucks off a group of rowdy drunken construction workers on their way home from work.

Let Me Guess, You Got A Little Cock Too?
small penis humiliation phone sex Call 1-877-233-6366

Am I worried about him getting any diseases? No, because quite frankly I never let the pig touch me anymore and if he contracts some gross sexual disease from sucking off losers and other undesirable males like himself it’s just too fucking bad! He had his chance when we were married and he blew it. I caught him cheating with his secretary and after having her fired, I feminized him and have since kept him in a strict cuckold relationship – one in which I am the dominant partner and he must obey or face the consequences.

You’ll have to excuse me now as I’m off to enjoy the stud services of my new black bull, Reginald, and having put my feminized husband to bed with his chastity cock lock on, and the biggest butt plug I could find shoved up his rectum, I plan on having a good night of it and am off.

a Bitch Wife
[cheating and forcing my husband to suck cock]

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Women Who Cuckold And Feminize Their Husbands

If you’ve ever read some of the more shocking stories of women who cuckold and feminize their husbands, you know that the role of the now humiliated husband is not one to be envied. And I must admit, having now been made the sub-servant partner in our marriage or worse, having been forced to suck the huge black cock of her new lover, I can attest to the shame and utter humiliation of such a situation.

Humiliated And Finally Forced To Watch

My wife, Shannon, decided that verbally humiliating me in public and posting unflattering pictures of my small penis on her Facebook page was not degrading enough, so she started cheating with some of the most disgusting and vile men she could find. I wondered if she was truly sexually attracted to them, or only abided their types so she could invite them into our house to humiliate and degrade me with some of the most extreme and disgusting sexual acts I’ve ever seen.

One of her lovers, a huge black ex-con named “Tiny,” loves to make me dress up like a young girl and call him daddy as he sexually assaults me repeatedly. He says I remind him of his sweet sissy prison bitch and even demands I leave the bathroom door open and sit when I pee. If I stand to urinate, he beats me savagely, claiming that I break the fantasy of being a bitch when I piss like a man, and he insists that I never do that around him. Shannon told me that in prison he used to make his sissy boyfriend squat over a pail in the middle of the cell when he went to the bathroom so as to complete the illusion of being a woman.

My wife also insists that I wear female underwear beneath my work clothes, even going so far as to force me to where sheer pantyhose under my overalls on the construction site. God forbid anything ever happens to me while working, and they have to take me to the emergency room. I can just see and hear the taunts of my fellow workers when they would hear of my having been clad in female underwear beneath my work clothes. I think I would rather have a 3 ton steel girder dropped on my head than that happen.

Even My Mother In Law Humiliates Me

Shannon’s mother even knows that I’ve been feminized and cuckolded. She thinks it is quite all right and as she has never liked me or thought me good enough for her daughter, the idea of me being forced to watch Shannon cheat with other men suits her just fine. I know she has even given Shannon horrible ideas, like having me lick the dripping semen from her anus after a night with Tiny, and is always searching the Internet for disgusting pictures she would have me re-create for my wife. I hope that she falls down a deep manhole and is devoured by rats in the sewer, I hate her that much!

Meanwhile I must now get dinner ready, jump into the shower and shave my legs before donning my sissy male maid uniform and serving Shannon and what ever horrible man she has brought home tonight. If I was half the man I should be, I would find a tall building and jump off the roof, but having been feminized into a cuck husband, I am now meek and disgustingly obedient. Marriage is supposed to be the union of two equals, but mine has degenerated into a lopsided perverted arrangement of a dominant wife, her lovers, and a husband who must now wear panties and perform humiliating homosexual sex acts on them for her amusement. I pray my suffering end soon, and that anyone reading this will do well to steer clear of such a situation, if they are lucky enough to see it coming.

Jerry the cuck
[Cuckolded and feminized by my wife]

Feminized cuck husband story copyright FeminizedCuckold.Com. All Rights Reserved.

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The Confession Of A Feminized Cuckold

Recently my wife, Eva, has found fault with my behavior as her sissy male maid. She said I have failed to sexually satisfy her new black bull in the appropriate manner and that as punishment she will lock my cock for the next three months of enforced chastity. I also must make a monthly public confession of my complete inability to sexually satisfy her or her lover, Tyrone.

Although I must obey her every wish and command, I do want to say on my own behalf that I was unfairly blamed by Tyrone for what happened. I have always done as he ordered and dressed as a sweet little sissy girl in blue cotton panties, knee socks and a white sheer babydoll nightgown just as he enjoys. But Eva says that I must never question her or refuse to serve Tyrone’s big black cock if I want to be allowed to remain married to her.

Women Who Cuckold And Feminize Their Husbands

In question on the night, I was dressed as described and playing with my dolls on the floor as Tyrone and Eva fucked furiously on the living room couch above me. After he had finished taking her in the ass, and had deposited a massive amount of his semen in her anus, Tyrone demanded I “get my little bitch ass over here and clean this shit up,” which I did gladly as was my usual duty. But it was when Tyrone commanded me to toss his salad that the trouble began.

It was not that I was refusing to rim this huge black bull, it was just that the butt plug my wife insisted I wear at all times was causing me serious discomfort and I only wanted to go to the bathroom so I could adjust it. But Tyrone did not even let me explain, simply slapped me about and told Eva that “this little sissy bitch be giving me shit,” which resulted in Eva demanding I apologize and commence eating Tyrone’s hairy black asshole immediately.

Want A Personal Feminized Cuckold Experience?
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I did so despite the stinging and burning of my own anus from the butt plug, and when I had finished and Tyrone had ejaculated an enormous load yet again, I immediately ran off to the bathroom to soothe my discomfort. Upon returning to the room, Eva was furious with me and had Tyrone put me across his lap, pull down my panties and spank me till I cried. I was then forced to stand in the corner with my back to them as they spent the next two hours fucking like mad.

And so I am now securely cock locked and chastised, but always ready to serve and perform my duties for my lovely wife and black master. As a thoroughly feminized cuckold husband, I realize my feelings are of no concern to my wife and her lover, so I will spare the reader any further complaints or accounts of the night in question. I’m content to serve and suffer in silence if necessary, but I should note that deep down I say a prayer every night for the wife who humiliates me and the black cock that I too secretly adore and worship.

cuckold steve
[feminized into a bitch by my wife]

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