Dominant Wife Feminized Her Husband

A man in panties is a wonderful thing to a dominant wife!

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“Sometimes I Am Such A Bitch!”

I get off on watching my husband Jack prance around the apartment wearing nothing but my little pink silk panties. I have no idea why, but I do love it. I think it kinda makes me feel in charge ya know? After a long day at the bank where everyone tells you what to do and how to do it, it is kinda nice coming home and having a little control over your world there. Telling your big strong man to strip naked and then put on little girl’s undies.

Makes me sexy and really feminine too. Seeing him wear my thongs is a favorite too. Why? Cause I know that thin strap is going to go up his tight ass and be so very uncomfortable for him. Just for a little added fun, sometimes I make him cook me dinner while wearing them and a bra. I so enjoy watching him bend over to grab pots and pans to cook in. That strap rides up his crack every time. Delicious! Oh and I have him wear my frilly apron too. He is such a sweet feminized delight in the kitchen.

He complains every time I make him wear those panties, but secretly I know he loves it too. I know this because on the nights I make him wear the panties, the sex is fantastic. Almost his way of saying “I love you”.

Now, I wonder what he’s going to say when I tell him I’m bringing a man home to fuck me while he watches? LOL!

(I cheat sometimes)

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