Forced Bi Cuckold Husband

I have found the most delightful way to humiliate and degrade my stupid cuck husband, and that’s by forcing him to suck a cock. But not just any cock, I search out the grossest men I can find to make him service so he can be the little sissy I know he truly is.

Sissy Husband Pimped Out

What kind of men? Well, usually my first stop is the local truck stop to see if I can find the biggest, fattest and sweatiest driver there. If that’s no good, I usually hit some of the rundown bars down near the bus station downtown which are full of local drunks and fat stupid losers. Of course I have my feminized husband along with me, dressed in the prettiest little skirt, nylons and stiletto high heels I can find so he can shake his sissy ass under their noses and see if he can get any takers for his oral service.

Want Me To Force YOU To Suck A Fat Slob’s Cock?
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Of course sometimes the guys are so gross that he begs me not to force him to suck their cocks, but that’s just part of the thrill and pleasure for me. If he starts one of his little tantrums while I’m negotiating his services, I don’t hesitate to take down his panties and rape his ass with a strap on from time to time. That’s usually enough to get him to submit and I soon am treated to the delightful spectacle of my husband on his knees, crying as he chokes down some huge fat slobs load or sucks off a group of rowdy drunken construction workers on their way home from work.

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Am I worried about him getting any diseases? No, because quite frankly I never let the pig touch me anymore and if he contracts some gross sexual disease from sucking off losers and other undesirable males like himself it’s just too fucking bad! He had his chance when we were married and he blew it. I caught him cheating with his secretary and after having her fired, I feminized him and have since kept him in a strict cuckold relationship – one in which I am the dominant partner and he must obey or face the consequences.

You’ll have to excuse me now as I’m off to enjoy the stud services of my new black bull, Reginald, and having put my feminized husband to bed with his chastity cock lock on, and the biggest butt plug I could find shoved up his rectum, I plan on having a good night of it and am off.

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