I Cucked My Husband

Sometimes cheating on your husband can be SUCH fun!

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“Would You Feminize Your OWN Husband?”

I made my dickwad of a husband get sucked off by another man today, and he didn’t even know it! Now that was FUCKING hot and empowering!

I am going back to school and I had a guy, Kevin that I study with over today. He just happens to be bisexual and had seen a picture of my husband Jason on the fireplace mantle. When he told me that he thought we were a good looking couple and that my husband was “really hot” I got a devilish idea. I have had this cuckold fantasy for a while now about watching my husband get sucked off another guy. I can’t remember when it started but it has been while.

Anyway, I looked at Kevin and then asked him if he would like have some “fun” with my husband. He, of course, said yes and that led to what occurred this afternoon in our living room. Before I knew my hubby would be home from work, I told Kevin to hide in the second bedroom for a bit. I stripped off my clothes and then waited for my husband. He had a big smile on his face as he walked through the front door. I went over and kissed and hugged him all the while removing his clothes too. We were getting into pretty heavy when I motioned to Kevin so he would come out of hiding.

My husband was turned on and had his eyes closed. The idiot hadn’t a clue what I just did. He was laying on the sofa, eyes tightly closed in anticipation of me giving him a blowjob. Oh he got a blow job alright, just not from me! As Kevin came into the room, I put my finger over my lips to shush him and pointed to my husband’s erect cock. Kevin got right down on it, slurping and licking it good from balls to tip – and before Jason realized what was happening he had blown his hot load all over Kevin’s smiling face!

Before my husband had opened his eyes again, Kevin was out the front door. Hubby never knew what really happened. He’d been sucked off by a guy! I wonder if that means I cucked him or Kevin did? LOL!

(Husband is now my slave)

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