Cuckolded And Feminized For His Birthday

When Gerald recently celebrated his 30th birthday, I decided to do something “special” for him that I have been planning for a long time – I feminized him!

Yep, I dragged him kicking and screaming into the bedroom, forced him to cross dress and then informed him I had been cheating on him for six months now!

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“Hurry up, My Black Bull Is Waiting For His Sissy!”

Why did I do it? Simple – he’s a shitty lover and I’m tired of faking it in bed. I found me a nice well-hung black man who KNOWS how to make me feel like a woman!

SO now Gerald gets to be a sissy male maid for us and even is allowed to suck my lover’s huge black cock when I’m feeling generous. Being a dominant wife with a sissy husband is actually quite fun, hehe.

And the only sex I have with Gerald now is when I shove my strapon up his asshole on the weekend! All’s good in this feminized cuckold’s house!

(Boss bitch and liking it)

Spanking Men Is Always FUN!

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I Cheated On My Husband

And not only did I cuckold him by taking up with another man, I also turned him into a cock-sucking little feminized wuss for all those years he never wanted to have sex with me!

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After ten years of marriage it had gotten to the point where Norbert wouldn’t even look at me if I walked into the living room stark naked and shoved my bare bottom in his face! Time for a change! So I went out and started dating again, finally meeting a nice man who loved fucking me every way we could think of (ah, yes, anal sex at last!).

What about my cucky husband?

Well, my new man is a bodybuilder so he helped me FORCE old fat Norbert to put on a baby doll nighty and sit in the corner crying and wimpering when we fucked. We even placed an ad in a local swingers magazine and got a few gay guys to come over and feed sissy Norbert their cocks while we watched and laughed! Seeing that fat old cuck having to choke down some dude’s cock cream just puts a smile on my face – even if Norbert doesn’t like it.

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In fact, last time he wailed and pleaded so long not to force him to suck cock that I had Steve beat him with a leather belt until his ass was black and blue! It rocked!

Revenge is sweet for a cheating wife!

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It’s an ass banging, corn hole stretching festival of male butt buggering bum time frolics when well-hung Shemales Bugger Men For Fun!

“She took him back to her place, stripped him naked and proceeded to ream the shit out of his stinging anus like a stallion in heat!”

Words to live by, guys, because a tranny cock in the ass is JUST what a feminized cuckold should get on his “off” days. LOL!

(I hate my husband)

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Feminized By His Mother

If you read this bit about being A Sissy For Mommy you’ll learn what happens when a mother decides to feminize her son and force him to suck black cock!

“…If you want to know if I taught him to suck black cock, the answer is yeah, he was trained properly to suck another man’s erect penis. I would force him to come into the room when my man was over, smartly cross dressed in his little pink panties and fuck me heels, then allow my black lover to have his way with him. He was a hardened ex-con and had much experience “turning” little white boys in prison sissies so he knew how to do it well…”

Is it incest or just sissy boy fun?

(Making boys into girls)

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Boy In Panties Sold As A Gay Love Slave

His mother wanted to make the rent this month without working too hard, so she sold her feminized son to a horny stud to use as a gay love slave!

“Oh, baby, be gentle! I’m still a virgin!”

This pretty sissy in a pink summer dress seems to be ready for a gay anal workout as his lover fingers his anus and gets him loosened up for a hard cock ass boning just like a sweet boy loves! Get the money first, boy, because this stud is hard for boy butt and isn’t going to wait to haggle! YEAH.
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