Sissy, Cuckold Or Gay?

I think my boyfriend Steve might be turning little bit gay. So I, as usual, came home the other night with another guy. Yeah I do this a lot. Keeps my boyfriend in line. Makes him realize what an easily replaceable fucktard he really is. Especially in the bedroom.

I usually just force him to watch as I blow a stranger in the living room. Once in while if I am in a real bitchy mood, I make him lay there and let the dude I am sucking off blow his laod all over my Steve’s chest. He usually is mortified and disgusted by this further humiliation needless to say. But the other night, instead of turning his head away and closing his eyes, he just laid there with a strange smile on his face! THEN he stuck his fingers in this guy’s jizz and proceeded to lick the cum off. Yeah, I was TOTALLY shocked. And to be honest a little turned on by this. Anyway, I am not sure what to do now. Does this mean he wants to suck a guy off too?

Maybe the next time I bring a random stud home to suck, I will make my boyfriend suck his dick too! I figure either my boyfriend will be completely humiliated or I will know if he is crossing over to the other side and becoming a feminized cock smoker.

Doesn’t matter either way though. I’m still gonna enjoy the whole thing!

Myra T.
(Cuckold bitch and loving it)

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