She Feminized And Flogged Him

Recently my husband had to be feminized. Why? Well, let’s just say after I took a new lover in my life, Dan needed to be put in his place.

He had threatened to go to a lawyer and divorce me, but there’s NO way I letting this little wimp get half of MY money! You see, I’m filthy stinking rich and can buy what ever I want – and that means LOT’S of black cock and expensive toys.

Dan just feels inferior because he only makes a small salary as a supervisor at the local market and I’m in charge of the check book.

feminized cuckold picture
“To Think I Actually Have To Flog And Spank You!”

So, into female clothing he goes and for good measure I bind and flog him in my makeshift dungeon downstairs! I’m trying to talk my lover into fucking Dan in the ass too, but he’s not bisexual and isn’t into fucking men. No matter, I’ll just hire some gay stud out of the local personals and pimp my sissy husband to him.

THAT would be a nice night! Me and my lover on the couch petting and watching as Dan gets shafted in the ass while wearing a sissy maid uniform! LOL!

I can see it now!

(Rich and bossy, baby)

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